The MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival returns to the Philharmonic in Szczecin. From September, 23rd to 27th, we will experience the extraordinary during the third edition of the festival. This year, it will focus on the sounds around us and create musical and visual landscapes.


We fall asleep and wake up surrounded by sounds. The noise of cars passing outside the window, the barking of a neighbour's dog, the radio playing in the background, office equipment at work, birds singing in the park, phone calls, music in shops and shopping malls, the sound of the forest or the river – all these create a sound landscape that affects our senses and lives.

The third edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival, which will take place on September 23-27, 2020, is all about soundscapes. We will approach the subject, widely considered today in the acoustic, environmental and architectural context, from the musical side, but also in the non-musical dimension.

In the Philharmonic, in the city, online.

Concerts are waiting for us, which will also be broadcast online. They will take us to the world of sounds inspired by nature or a journey through the urban jungle, mountain trails or the endless ocean. There will also be a pre-premiere of the newest, nature-inspired music project by Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher. Like every year, the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra will also play a colourful and vivid program.

Together with the participants, we will also search for the sounds of Szczecin during a sound city walk. The bodies of the participants and all their senses will be enlivened during the live set of Agnieszka Wypańska and Łukasz Dziedzic dedicated to the DJ festival, during which we will change the white hall of the Philharmonic into a canvas for spectacular visualizations.

Directly under the geometric roof with characteristic skylights in the Level 4 Gallery, we will present an exhibition that will become a counterpoint for leading landscapes and will activate our imagination with monocolour works.

During the two-day workshop, we will introduce the young people to the world of city sounds, from which we will create compositions and perform them during an open-air concert. With the youngest ones, we will discover music among objects that, as it might seem, do not play music, and then we will create a sound map to help find the sounds.

There will be a sound installation, which we will see online this time, and an impressive illumination of the building, which will again turn into a canvas intriguing with colourful visualization.

Above all, we will allow everyone to break away from everyday life and look for intriguing sound landscapes. We will show everyone that it is here in Szczecin that things that cannot be seen elsewhere are happening. We will present the Philharmonic from a completely different angle.

Be with us from September, 23rd to 27th!
20-07-2020, 16:33:57
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