The ability to smoothly transition from black metal to Erasure, from Radiohead to Stars Of The Lid. Without prejudice, without exaggeration, without being hostage to species and their boundaries – but always with the utmost seriousness. Echo Collective will sound on Sunday, September 27, at 19:00 in the form of an online broadcast specially prepared for the 2020 Music.Design.Form Festival final concert!
The members of Echo Collective are classically educated. Still, this doesn't define their work in practice, nor does it limit their sources of inspiration. They create and perform music with great calm and precision, which makes the piece's thought-out simplicity convincing. The landscapes painted with it, though minimalist, are expressive and compelling.

They experimented with their compositions and improvisations and even interpretations of black metal records. They quickly discovered that they had their musical voice. A voice that retained the spatial, contemplative accessibility of the music they created with others, but that reflected their personalities and experiences. And it was their arrangement of Amnesiac by Radiohead that attracted the attention of the German music center! K7 – who signed a contract with them for two albums.

The MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival will feature a composition by Jóhann Jóhannsson – "12 Conversations with Thilo Heinzmann" (interpreted by the Echo Collective, which the composer himself wanted). Jóhann Jóhannsson was one of the most talented contemporary composers, whose death in 2018 shocked the world of film and stage. He was a two-time "Golden Globe" winner (for the music to the movie "Theory of Everything"). Additionally, he was nominated twice to an Oscar, twice to a Grammy, three times to the BAFTA award. Not only did he create for the needs of great cinema, but also he has several studio albums, cooperation with theaters. His pieces were also used in the field of contemporary dance.

Jóhann Jóhannsson was "obsessed with the texture of sound," regularly bending the boundaries between classical and electronic music. In his eclectic style, he created hypnotic, exceptionally sophisticated images. The beauty of the music contained in "12 Conversations" reveals what can be called the essence of his sound. The excellent interpretation of Echo Collective, in cooperation with the composer himself, was released by the cult record label Deutsche Grammophon in September 2019.

Now, this moving song will sound on Sunday, September 27, at 19:00 in the form of a specially prepared online broadcast, especially for the final of the third edition of the 2020 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival.
09-08-2020, 11:10:16
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