For your comfort and even greater availability of the events of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, in the 2020/2021 artistic season, we decided to broadcast some of our concerts via a specially prepared platform

How to watch the broadcast live?

1. To gain access to the platform on which concerts are broadcast live, go to the website, register your account, log in, and then purchase access to the website. Failure to register an account prevents access to live broadcasts and the full content of the website.

2. To register an account, click on the "LOG IN" icon and then "REGISTER". Please fill in the following fields: email, username, password, and select the clause to read the applicable platform regulations. In response to the provided email, a message will be sent asking you to activate the account. Open it in your email and click "ACTIVATE ACCOUNT" to complete the registration process.

3. After activating the account, log in to the platform and proceed to purchase access to the website for a given event from the list indicated on the website or from the menu level.

4. After selecting the chosen concert from the calendar, click on the "BUY ACCESS" icon and choose the option of 24h or 72h access.

  • 24-hour access to the website (at the price of PLN 10.00) – this is the purchase of access to one live broadcast for 24 hours from its start *
  • 72h access to the website (at the price of PLN 20.00) – this is the purchase of access to one live broadcast for 72 hours from its start *

5. After choosing the access option (24h or 72h), select the payment method after clicking the BUY NOW icon. Payments for the access granted can be made via quick transactions (operated by or via a credit card. Choose your preferred payment option and follow the messages that appear.

6. The user who registers their account and buys access to the concert broadcast accepts the Terms and Conditions on the website and the Privacy Policy.

* Purchasing access for 24h or 72h allows the user to play the transmission multiple times within a specified period. Besides, the VOD Archive is available immediately after paying the fee until the access expires.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the livefilharmonia platform help section.

th. 24-09-2020, 21:00
Obszańska | Dziedzic | b2b dj set
fr. 25-09-2020, 19:00
Einaudi | Divenire
sa. 26-09-2020, 20:00
Hania Rani | Dobrawa Czocher
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