Concerts, workshops, play with sound and light, visualizations and memorable experiences that follow. Yesterday, we started the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival, and today, since morning, during the workshops, young people will be working with sound. In the evening, we invite you to the white hall and, where Agnieszka Wypańska and Łukasz Dziedzic will take us to a dancefloor with the energetic rhythms of the DJ set.

The opening of the festival is behind us

The first festival day passed. It was a feast primarily for the eyes. The spaces of the Level 4 Gallery hosted an exhibition of Witek Orski's photographs, the opening of which gathered crowds of people interested in his works. The vernissage within the MDF Festival was also the inauguration of our cooperation with the Academy of Art and TRAFO Trafostacja Sztuki, which we will be presenting in different versions this season.

The Zombie Couch Trippin took care of the musical setting of Witek Orski's vernissage.

The exhibition can be viewed on September 24-27 from 12:00 to 17:00. Admission is free during the festival.

The online installation by Piotr Matosek also had its premiere. In his work, the artist deals with civilization and climate threats caused by human activity, analyzing them in the context of the division into nature and culture.

See the project on our channel

Many residents of Szczecin also came to the spectacle dedicated to the festival – evening visualization shows on the facade of the philharmonic building, the authors of which are the artists from Pushka Studio. Illumination will decorate the Philharmonic building from 8:50 pm to midnight on each festival evening, that is until Sunday, September 27.

Day two that is energy for the body

Today in the morning, the "Sounds against the voice" workshops have started, during which young people learn to process previously recorded sounds to obtain a catalogue of sounds and a composition. The participants will present it in the form of the final concert at Syrenie Stawy.

Tonight Agnieszka Obszańska and Łukasz Dziedzic will take you to their musical "fairy tale". They will combine everything that is best in the rhythms of Amazon and Africa, immersed in energetic techno. From the pulsating sounds of Kampala, through the Mexican deserts, the Brazilian jungle, to club sounds from Berlin. Rhythm, energy, techno, life.

On Thursday evening (September 24) at 21:00, we meet in the Philharmonic Hall and at We will meet to dance!
fr. 25-09-2020, 11:00
Sounds against the voice
th. 24-09-2020, 21:00
Obszańska | Dziedzic | b2b dj set
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