The two festival days are behind us, and today at 7:00 p.m. we have another meeting with musical landscapes. The golden hall will change beyond recognition, and the Orchestra and colourful projections will make the evening unforgettable. MDF Festival 2020 is on!

Hot rhythms of Obszańska and Dziedzic

Agnieszka Obszańska and Łukasz Dziedzic livened up the guests gathered yesterday evening in the Philharmonic Lobby. All the best in the rhythms of the Amazon and Africa, immersed in energetic techno, the light setting, for which the LSProject was responsible, and the enthusiastic reactions of the participants made it an evening full of energy and unbridled joy that dance gives. From the pulsating sounds of Kampala, through the Mexican deserts, the Brazilian jungle, to the club sounds from Berlin – we will remember this musical journey through hot rhythms for a long time.

Orchestra, piano and spectacular visuals

In contrast to the hot rhythms that DJs provided us with last evening, today, we will hear soothing sounds reminiscent of mountain landscapes and see beautiful projections. The golden hall will present itself in a completely new version.

In the golden hall (and online!), "Divenire" will sound in all its glory. Zuzanna Całka – an award-winning Warsaw pianist and composer – and musicians from our Orchestra will take us into this extraordinary world. Christian Schumann will conduct the concert – a modern, incredibly charismatic and versatile conductor, who successfully performs great symphonies, operas as well as contemporary and film music.

We invite you today, on September 25, at 19:00 for the Einaudi | Divenire concert. You will be able to see it by sitting in person in the golden hall or via the platform.

Tickets at the price of PLN 25-55 can be purchased at

Tickets for the online broadcast at the price of PLN 10/20 can be purchased at
sn. 27-09-2020, 15:00
Dźwięki pod głos | finał
fr. 25-09-2020, 19:00
Einaudi | Divenire
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