Yesterday's symphonic concert delighted both musically and visually. Today, another musical feast awaits us – a show by Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher, during which the artists will present the premiere material from their latest album. The concert will take place in the Lobby. You can also watch it on

Evening premiere

Today's (September 26) concert at 20:00 will be a journey into oneself, a deep breath in harmony with nature and the flowing time. Pre-premiere will be the latest music project of Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher. The premiere in the form of an album is planned for the beginning of 2021. The piano and cello, complemented by the soft sound of synthesizers and compelling visualizations will take us to the world of the most sensitive, inspired by nature, sounds.

The concerts are what distinguishes Hania Rani, and Dobrawa Czocher's music projects the most. The artists have excellent technical preparation and extensive stage experience, acquired over the years in concert halls throughout Poland and abroad. The duo is perfect proof that instrumental music has its raison d'être on the contemporary music scene and attracts a growing number of listeners.

The concert will be broadcast online at

Events at Syrenie Stawy moved to Sunday

"Sounds against the voice" concert | the final, initially scheduled for today, will be held in the Philharmonic Lobby on Sunday, September 26 at 15:00. After the show, we will go on a Musical Walk around Szczecin with Przemek Głowa. We shall gather at 16:00 at the Philharmonic (ul. Małopolska).

Weather conditions dictated changes.

Daily illumination of the building

We also invite you to special illumination shows accompanying the MDF 2020 Festival, for which Pushka Studio in Szczecin is responsible. On September 23-27 from 20.50 to midnight.
sa. 26-09-2020, 20:00
Hania Rani | Dobrawa Czocher
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