Which way to the sound?
sn. 27-09-2020, 10:00
sn. 27-09-2020, 12:00
Chamber hall
During the workshops, children will create music through movement and gestures. They will search for sounds as they move between objects placed on the floor. The little participants will trigger new sound events that will lead to the creation of the song through movement.
We learn to make music through movement and gesture. Basically, all musicians do it. However, we will neither sing nor play instruments. We will look for sounds in a different way. We will look for them by moving between objects placed on the floor. There are sounds hidden in each of these objects. We will find a way to free them. We will then be able to walk between them, triggering new and new sound events. It is not far from here to create a piece of music. We know how to stimulate sounds, so we need a score. A traditional score is a book with sheet music on each page. Maps will be the pages of our score. What maps? Such marking routes between objects on the floor telling us which way and how to get to the right sound. Sometimes the maps show us to walk carefully, slowly. Sometimes they ask you to accelerate and even run as fast as you can... Yes, yes, time does not wait in music either! Once we learn to read them, we will be ready for the conductor's first gesture. And when this one appears, we will perform the most authentic piece of music encoded in our notes-maps. And although without the instruments, we will become a real orchestra. A little rushing.
Izabela Kościesza
Jarosław Kordaczuk
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